Monday, 2 July 2012

Bargain of the week: L'Oreal Paris lumi magique primer

This primer is my new best friend. No word of a lie, it's the best thing I've ever owned for my face.

I was having a bit of a midweek slump the other day so decided to pop into Boots on my lunch break for a new nail varnish. Upon discovering I own all the colours (seriously), I turned my attention to the make-up stands and this caught my eye. I was seduced into the world of proper cover up by L'Oreal's BB cream a few months ago (side bar: another amazing product you really should try - especially if you have quite fair skin like me, it's one of the best colours I've found), I figured I'd give it a go.

On the back of my hand it kind of looked like a light moisturiser with a bit of shimmer, nothing spectacular. But on my face: oh my god. It's like some kind of miracle cream. My dry patches are hydrated, my oily patches are de-oiled. I look like I live a fabulously healthy lifestyle in a country which sees sunshine at least every now and then.

The lovely dewy effect lasted pretty much my whole working day under some light powder and I felt like a radiant goddess by the time I took my make-up off. It may be worth your while knowing that I’d had a glass or two of Zinfandel by that point, but really, it still rings true.

At £9.99, this is such a bargain for a good primer - especially when you compare it to the likes of Mac and NARS.

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