Tuesday, 19 June 2012

A right royal party

Is it just me or does the jubilee weekend seem a million years ago now? Forgive the lateness of this post but I just had to share these royally themed accessories.

My jubilee weekend consisted of some rather gorgeous treats. The first came in the form of these lovely (and sturdy I might add, given my notoriety for ripping them, I was very impressed) union jack crown tights from Jonathan Aston.

The second was my new favourite thing of all time: a corgi-printed scarf from Silken Favours. This hand illustrated scarf was created to honour the Diamond Jubilee and, I’m 99% sure, to fill the gap of pooch prints in my wardrobe. Actually, now that I’ve written that, I’ve just started to realise just how many things I own that have dogs on them in one form or another. Move over crazy cat ladies, I’m coming through!

A slice of this and a G&T made my jubilee weekend
Last but not least, I attended a scrumptious vintage tea party at my good friend Caroline's house with some many mouthwatering delights, I still daydream about them. Yum. Now that's a girl who knows how to cook.

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