Saturday, 30 June 2012

My best friend's jacket

Smart snake jacket, on sale for £30 now, Warehouse
Don't you just love it when a friend picks up something gorgeous you never would have considered? That's exactly what happened with me and this Warehouse snake print jacket. A good friend of mine was modelling it over the jubilee weekend and I just couldn't take my eyes off it. It's not often that I'll spot something on someone else that I really really want (blame my picky fashion sense there) but this jacket just really intrigued me.

On paper, it shouldn't work: white denim and snake skin are two of my big fashion no-nos (makes me think of big 80s hair and American rock concerts). But in reality, it's one of the best cover-ups you're going to find this summer. For a denim jacket it's such a flattering fit, in a lighter denim than you usually find: the hem is tailored so it'll skim over your waist and hips - and the barely-there print means you can pretty much team it with anything.


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