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The little Paris Kitchen cookbook by Rachel Khoo review

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French food, like French style, will never go out of fashion. If it's not the flavours that gets mouths watering, then it's the French's ability to eat all those calories and still be stick thin, that gets everyone's tongues wagging.

I'm a bad cook. No, that's an understatement. I'm a laughably bad cook, almost on a par with Bridget Jones' blue string soup. But there's something so intriguing about Rachel Khoo and the Little Paris Kitchen. The love that goes in to making her food (and her flouncing about in gorgeous vintage dresses on the telly) made me want to give it a go.

Paris kitchen cookbook, £10.86, Amazon
I picked up Rachel's cookbook after a wonderful week in Paris, to treat me and the other half to some more French treats. I had seen a few episodes of her television show but, as with all cookery programs that claim to offer a 'simple approach', I was wary. Surely the gourmet of France couldn't be that easy? Well, I'll be honest, it's not. If you don't know how to fold, or that bechamel sauce had cloves in it, or own a sieve for that matter, then this is probably going to be a pretty hefty adventure in cooking for you. But it's worth it. So far I've tried the French toast, madelines, citrus loaf cake and smoky fish pie and all I can say is yum to everything. Forget the calories (and all the butter) and just enjoy.

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