Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Bombs away: how to wear a bomber jacket

This man could make a paper bag look good
image from radartothescene.com

I know there’s been a lot of buzz about this lately so I thought I’d stick my oar into the almost unfathomable popularity of the bomber jacket.

Bomber jackers have this fantastic history that not many people know about: their origin lies in flight jackets designed for WWI pilots, to protect them against the wind while flying open cockpit aeroplanes.

Growing up in a little Welsh town, however, I only ever saw bomber jackets in waterproof materials, neon colours and sporting *shudder* a stretchy wrist cuff. But there was something about them that intrigued me. Underneath that impossibly shiny material lay a shape I longed to wear. All it needed was an update - or a sexy man sporting one on the big screen.

It wasn’t until I saw/drooled uncontrollably over Ryan Gosling in Drive that I knew the time had finally come. I was going to find the perfect bomber jacket - no matter how much it took (in terms of effort, not money, of course. I’m not a millionaire after all).

 My loose-fitting tropical bomber - Primark, £10

In modern fashion, there’s something about the bomber that just unequivocally states tough girl. Even teamed with the prettiest of dresses, this jacket will give you the edginess your 14-year-old self could only dream of. The baseball collar, jersey cuffs and unstructed waist give the wonderful boxy shape definition while SS12 patterns and textures are sure to make you stand out from the crowd.

Clockwise from top: Daisy floral bomber jacket, £55, Topshop; Sheer 
bomber, £32.99, Mango; Soft seamed bomber, £32.99, Topshop.

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