Monday, 9 April 2012

Bargain of the week: DKNY smell-a-like perfume from M&S

I've been searching for a new scent for absolutely ages. Perfume's quite a difficult thing to get right, don't you think? I'm very much a light, non-floral kinda girl but finding something new seemed like such an impossible task (and if I'm being completely honest, my very short attention span didn't help at all). I'd all but given up when I stumbled upon the perfume display at M&S.
Butterfly Eau de Toilette (25ml), £6, Marks and Spencer
Although I thought a lot of the Marks and Sparks perfumes smelled like either a night club or my nan's house (true for quite a lot of scents out there actually), I did find this Butterfly eau de toilette to be very pleasing to my olfactory senses. You really need to smell it to believe me but I swear it's like a less apple-y version of DKNY's Be Delicious. It's fresh, fruity and perfect for adding a girly touch to your spring style.

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