Friday, 9 March 2012

Friday fashion tip: Colours to put a spring in your step

SS12 is, I think, one that you either love or hate. Pastels, florals, 50s dresses - it's all the girly loveliness that I adore but I know a good few of you are mourning the loss of winter's dark textiles. So a few weeks back I got in touch with image consultants Colour Me Beautiful to find out what different colours they could recommend to give your style a little pick-me-up for SS12.

Wearing colour is a great way to lift your spirits and boost your confidence. Bringing a current shade into your wardrobe will update your look instantly and you don’t have to buy a whole outfit, a new top or accessory will do the job. What’s more, you will get the best effect if you wear shades that flatter your colouring. So rather than forcing yourself into unflattering pastels, try one of our top three colours for Spring 2012: red, green and tangerine. 

Red is not a typical spring colour - we instinctively look for lighter shades at this time of year, but it’s great to wear at any time. Red is the ultimate mood booster, symbolising vitality, heat, love and passion.

To get the best out of your red pieces for Spring, make sure you find a red that flatters your skin tone. If you have cool, pinkish undertones to your skin choose a blue-red, if you have warmer skin tones then go for warmer reds. Darker colourings can wear deep scarlet, a lighter geranium red works well for blondes, redheads can wear warm, tomato or orange-red. So, boost your confidence and turn heads in red this spring! 

Green has become more of a wardrobe staple rather than an accent colour, so you will find it in separates and dresses and accessories - in fact, pretty much everything. We often associate green with nature and new life so it’s a lovely uplifting shade to wear for Spring and worth investing in as a change from a safe grey or navy. 

Do take care if you wear it close to your face, green does contain yellow so the wrong shade can have a draining effect, which is the opposite of what you want. The best greens for lighter colourings are apple or peacock green whilst darker colourings carry off the rich pine or bold emerald shades. Moss and yellow-greens look great on redheads. 

Orange (like yellow) can be tricky to pull off, especially if you’re not confident about your colours or if you have a cool skin tone. It hasn’t always been popular, but orange is making a comeback and there are some super shades out there for Spring. It's definitely a very fun and uplifting colour that gives an instant shot of sunshine and warmth to any outfit.

Just make sure you choose the right shade for your colouring and take care how and on what part of your body you wear it. Deeper oranges and rust shades will work for darker colourings, blondes should be careful and stick to more subtle apricots, redheads can go the full gamut from terracotta to bold tangerine.

Although cool skin tones can’t take orange shades, they do suit pink. Subtle or bold, whichever pink you choose it will make you feel feminine and fabulous. Anything from a light pastel to hot fuchsia works for cool skin tones. While deep cyclamen will look great on dark colourings and blush pinks will flatter fairer colourings. 

What do you think of Colour Me Beautiful's recommendations and what will you be wearing for SS12? Let me know in the comments below!

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