Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Beauty Wednesday: Latest in Beauty's little beauty box reviewed

So I decided a little while back to delve into the world of mail order beauty boxes. For those of you who don't know about these marvellous things, you pay a certain amount and get a box of beauty samples in the post every month. Prices vary by company and so do product sizes and brands - ELLE have done a round up of all the bigger companies doing the boxes, worth looking at if you're considering subscribing.

The not that little beauty box
Anyway, I signed up for the cheapest one out there, Latest in Beauty's Little Beauty Box and the more expensive Glossybox (which I'll be doing a full review on next week). As soon as you register with Latest in Beauty, you have to complete a beauty profile on your skin type, hair type, preferences etc. Great - or so I thought anyway. With Latest in Beauty, you get to choose three samples from their suggested products. Unfortunately, being a 24 year old with pretty decent skin, this meant that I kept getting directed to anti-ageing samples. Yup, that's right, 24 is old now.

Okay, so that being said, that's pretty much the only annoyance I found with the Little Beauty Box. It arrived really quickly and you pay the £1.50 fee using your mobile. The packaging isn't the most glamorous in the world but it does mean you aren't paying any extra costs for a cardboard box.

Latest in Beauty's little beauty box, £1.50 for 3 samples
What I chose
So out of all the options on offer, I had 4x 10ml sachets of Nicky Clarke Volume shampoo and conditioner (just the right amount for two hairwashes for me); 2x 0.5ml sachets of Super by Dr Nicholas Perricone Bright eyed flawless cream (again the right size for two uses) and an Elemental Herbology skincare trial kit (one 3ml sachet each of Cool and clear facial cleanser, Soothing oil free facial hydrator and Facial glow radiance peel). I'll be honest, I'm haven't had a chance to try the products but I do have to say, with the exception of Nicky Clarke, I probably wouldn't have picked up these brands without the Little Beauty Box.

The best thing about the Latest in Beauty Little Beauty Box has to be that these are just sachet samples. The thing with bigger beauty boxes is if you've got a 30ml sample of, say, hand cream, and decide you don't like it - what do you do with it?

So far, so good with the Little Beauty Box. I loved that you could choose the samples and am pretty sure I'm going to get along with them. Being able to choose what you receive may take the surprise out of things but it does mean if you have sensitive skin like me you can tailor things just right.


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