Monday, 13 February 2012

Bargain of the week: Valentine's day gift bags

This week's bargain is a sharing the love Valentine's special. Last week two of my very good friends were having a bit of a miserable time so I decided to do something special. I put these little gift bags together to cheer the girls up - and they worked a treat!

The notecards read 'For when boys are being rubbish, work is a nightmare or you just need a smile on your face, here's a little care package! (Because all a girl needs is some jewellery, chocolate and a bit of pampering).'

Each bag contained Guylian seahorses, candy jewellery and All About Nails hot pink nail varnish (99p, Tesco). It cost £5 to make both bags but the looks on the girls' faces were priceless!

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