Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Beauty Wednesday: The one where I write a love letter to Sally Hansen

Oh Sally Hansen, you may have just created the perfect nail product. For years I've been suffering with splitting, peeling and generally horrible nails and then that little blue bottle came in to my life.

Miracle cure is not only, ahem, a miracle cure for nails in poor condition but, it turns out its also a fantastic top coat too. After not being able to find my clear top coat on the weekend, I used this magic elixir to cover up a Topshop nail varnish (another highly recommended product!) - and it hasn't chipped. I mean, in five days hasn't chipped, smudged, moved a millimetre at all. I'm usually the girl who destroys perfectly manicured nails in half a second but oh no, not with Sally Hansen! 

Now obviously use as a top coat isn't the intended purpose for this varnish so if you're unsure, Sally Hansen also offer a range of what I am sure are equally as excellent top coat paints.

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