Monday, 23 January 2012

Bargain of the week: COS sale special!

I know what you're thinking: how dare she. How dare she leave us with nothing for a week then just pop up with a little bargain post to tantalise us back into reading, pfft, come on!

Ok, so I was a little bit rubbish with my blogging last week. Trust me, I had good intentions but it just kept getting pushed down my ever expanding to-do list. Sorry guys.

So, to kick off a week of good habits (starting the exercise regime off again tomorrow - it's an official I have to thing now, I bought a sports top and everything), this week's bargain is actually a COS sale special!

I have no flippin' idea how I'm only discovering COS now. It's just amazing, I want to buy pretty much everything on their site. The clothes are total designer-esque without the hefty price tag - but it's the store's fantastic minimalist accessories that have got me drooling. Just take a look at these beauties I found in the sale.

1. Chain tassel necklace  2. Colour block purse  3. Rubber and leather cuff  4. Twisted bead necklace  5. Elasticated waist belt

All prices quoted in British pounds are based on my conversions from Euros and may not be exactly the same as the retailer's price.

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