Monday, 2 January 2012

10 fashion resolutions for 2012

Now we've all recovered from our hopefully fashionable hangovers after the New Year's celebrations, I figured it was about time to think up some resolutions.

We all have bad habits when it comes to fashion and I am quite willing to admit that I have some of the worst. Don't get me wrong, I like to think I'm quite a well kept person but, you know what it's like, you get stuck in a fashion rut and have no time (and/or limited funds) to remedy the problem.

So I made a big decision (rather momentously at midnight on New Year's Eve - ever the drama queen!) that 2012 will be a year of change for me. I'm going to sort out my life once and for all - and that, of course, starts with my wardrobe.

1. No more buying clothes to fit into
Ah, now I admit to being very very bad for doing this far too often. My wardrobe at the moment is a mirror of my desire to be healthier and happier with how I look. So, rather than continue to buy clothes in shapes and sizes that will suit me when I sort myself out, I'm not going to buy anything. Well, no, that's a lie. It's more that I'm only going to pick up a few key wardrobe upgrades while I sort myself out, rather than hoarding for the future.

(c) Susie Bubble
2. Up the ante
I'll never be a Susie Bubble, I'm far too conservative and obsessed with cardigans to be anywhere near as stylish. But that doesn't mean I can't pop out of my comfort zone every now and then. There are some bloomin' fantastic (excuse the floral trend pun there) looks about this Spring and I fully intend to at least try them. Even it is just once.

I may be swayed for these lovelies...
Maison Scotch flower print chino, £100, ASOS
3. Try trousers (possibly)
I have several friends who refer to 'Ruth dresses' (e.g. "Oh, I bought such a Ruth dress today, it's so pretty!"). It's so flattering, right? To inspire someone to buy cute dresses...if only someone would pay me to do it, then I'd be landed.

I love 50s skirts, high waists, patterns and tights and never ever wear trousers. I have leggings to wear with shirt dresses but that's as far as I currently go. Thing is though, it's quite limiting: I love a chunky knit jumper but they are near impossible to wear with a skirt. So here I am, vowing to buy a pair of trousers. Maybe. We'll see.

4. Quality over quantity
Right, I'm not about to go out and spend £3000 on one dress to wear to all of my events this year. First, because I'm pretty sure Welsh people don't go to 'events' and secondly because that's just mental. This resolution is about stopping my naughty little habit for buying one-off dresses to wear out from Primark. I know, such fast, easy fashion feels so right at the time, but I really have far too many £10 dresses that need hand washing.

Disclaimer: I'm not this bad
(c) Daniel Dale
5. Stop wearing ripped tights
Oh come on, we've all done it once! I don't think I have one pair of tights at the moment that doesn't have a hole in the toe or a scag on the waistband and it has to stop. I'm off to M&S.

6. Plan ahead
There have been far too many mornings where I've been running around without a clue what to put on. So I'm following in the footsteps of all the fashion greats and sorting my style out by planning ahead. Hey, we may even get a couple of outfit posts out of it too!

7. Use that jewellery box that's gathering dust in my room
Enough said on this one really. 

Prada SS12
8. Be inspired by the past
Whether it be fifties inspirations at Prada or the twenties glamour soon to be shown off in The Great Gatsby, the year ahead is filled with vintage looks - and I can't wait to start filling my wardrobe with them. 

9. Admit that pyjamas are not clothes
But they're just so comfy...

And finally, 10. Work on Chic & Cheerful
This little blog is looking forward to bigger and brighter things for the new year which started with our design update and launch of the new Twitter page. Watch this space lovelies :)

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