Thursday, 29 December 2011

How to have a fashionable hangover

The Christmas party season is my all time favourite excuse for getting dolled up: you can get away with so much glamour and no one bats an eyelid! Glitter, velvet, jewel tones and pleats are just a few of my key looks this year - but daytime is a different matter. Rather than huddle under a snuggie, clutching a glass of orange juice, I've decided to take a different tack and rock a very fashionable hungover look, 'hungover chic' if you will.

Now you're probably thinking I've gone a bit mental but hear me out on this one: looking good can make you feel better when you've got an actual sickness so why not apply the principle to self-induced illness too? Next time you're suffering after a night of partying, try these very chic and cheerful tips to make the recovery process a lot easier!

1. Never forget Anna's golden rule: it is always cool to wear sunglasses

(c) Karin Bar
2. Try 2012's beauty trends early by opting for a dewy look

Alberta Ferreti, Spring/Summer 2012
(image from
Use a heavy duty moisturiser to revive your skin and yummy lip balms to perk up your pout. If you just can't go without a bit of eye make up, coat your lashes with a clear conditioning mascara to lengthen and add definition.

3. Autumn/Winter 2011 was all about the statement knit... make use of that stack of jumpers and snuggle up. If you bypassed the trend before Christmas, visit the sales and pick up some cosy winter warmers - shopping online, of course!

Funnily enough, now is probably the best time to embrace another trend which I've ridiculed quite a bit over the past 12 months: pyjama pants. In the style of a certain tabloid newspaper, I have voiced plenty of horrified opinions on how this trend would surely cause the downfall of Britain and fashion as we know it (well, maybe I didn't go that far but it was probably just as dramatic...). In all honesty thoough, I now get it: trousers that are as comfy as pyjamas? It may be a few seasons late but sign me up!

I picked up this Topshop dalmatian jumper
for £25 in the sales
These three quarter length pyjama trousers
make for easy fashion - Pins and Needles rose
print trousers
, £25, Urban Outfitters
4. Treat your feet
Fleur foot soother teabags, £3, Whittard
Whether you're in heels or flats, a night on your feet can leave your poor toes looking like something out of Embarrassing Bodies. Err...ok, so that analogy may not work (if your toes do look like something on EB, you may want to see a doctor - stat!) but these foot soothers from Whittard certainly do. Simply soak your toes in the peppermint and lemongrass blend then wrap up in soft socks and quirky slippers.
ELLE Eyelash suedette slippers, £5 Topshop
5. Condition, condition, condition
Whether you're a hairspray fiend or just can't live without your GHDs, the only way to make sure your hair stays in tip top shape after an evening of teasing to perfection is to coat it in heavy duty conditioner the day after. My favourite product is Aussie's 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor deep conditioner. Not only does it smell lush but it will leave your locks in just left the salon quality.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor
deep conditioner
, £4.99, Boots
And finally...
I wrote a post for food blog Back to the Roots a few weeks back on my perfect hangover cure, a scrumptious wild mushroom broth. This yummy soup is perfect for rehydration and, as it's only 95 calories a bowl, you can have guilt-free seconds too.

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