Monday, 3 October 2011

New York fashion week flashback: Victoria Beckham

I have a confession to make: Posh was my least favourite Spice Girl. She was just so...boring. Her little black mini dresses, the little black bob, that odd finger point pose she used to do: it just wasn't for me.

So it is with some trepidation that I have viewed Victoria Beckham's design career. Up until a few months ago I actually saw it as kind of a joke/just another part of the Beckham brand. That is until I read a rather revealing feature in the latest ELLE collections. It showed VB in a new light: here was a woman who was honestly trying her best to be a designer. 

Over-sized handbags are Victoria Beckham's staple accessory for another season
Image (c)

Victoria does this lovely elegant simplicity. Sure she designs for herself but this is a woman that dresses well anyway. And for SS12 her envied style was translated into beautiful colour blocking and fine tailoring.

The show

Colour blocked shift dresses and coats in navy and black quickly transitioned into tangerine cut out maxi dresses, pleats and patterns. The first part of the collection was definitely more Spring than Summer but I was pleased to see Mrs Beck's work pick up on one of the biggest trends of NYFW: sportswear. The flippy skirts, feminine colours and flirty dresses were toned down with flats and androgynous caps. It reminds me (in a really obvious way) of Wimbledon's tennis dress fashions - which surely can only be a good thing, right? VB has transported our take on sports gear over the Atlantic to show NYFW what we make of the trend.

Pleasantly surprised by the pastels at VB
Image (c)
Overall a very surprising, albeit very Victoria Beckham collection. Well done Posh.

See the whole show here.

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