Wednesday, 12 October 2011

A limited collection from who?

Guess where this jacket is from. Go on, guess. No, it's not Topshop. Nor H&M.

Give up? It's Primark. That's right, the bargain bin of the high street is going all out for Autumn/Winter. They've worked their low price magic on some gorgeous on-trend pieces at jaw-dropping prices.

Satin jumpsuit: hot or not?
The only thing I'm left wondering is, well, firstly will there be any left? And secondly, will the products on the self look as good as in the photos? I've got a sinking feeling that that silky jumpsuit may be a bit, er, static in the jumble of my local Primark. Still, with prices staying under £45 who could possibly refuse!

See the full collection here.

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