Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Chic and charitable: Fashion targets breast cancer

Karen Gillian for Fashion targets breast cancer UK
Breast cancer is sadly a disease very close to home for a lot of us. As October 2011 is breast cancer awareness month in the UK, we here at Chic and Cheerful would like to show our support for the event the best way we know how: through fashion.

Fashion targets breast cancer has raised more than £11.5 million in the last 15 years for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. This year, they have released four designs of a rather lovely bungee cord bracelet, available for a minimum £2 donation at shops such as Outfit, Topshop and River Island. This chic friendship bracelet is not only a lovely addition to your jewellery box but also a simple way to support the charity's cancer research work.

If you do just one thing to support the cause, please pick up a bracelet next time you're at the till. You never know what your £2 could do.

Ruth shows off her FTBC support!

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