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How to create Topshop's dalmatian nail art

Topshop Unique's AW11 show drove me positively dotty (first and last pun I promise!) at London Fashion Week last February. Not only were there some fantastic 1930s style garments being paraded down the catwalk, the show also featured my favourite beauty trend of the British shows.

Topshop's delightfully dotty nail art on show at LFW
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Thank you Vogue!
Don't worry, I'm not about to parade down the street with hair buns and whiskers on my cheeks. I am however currently modelling the dalmatian nail art look created by Sophy Robson for Topshop and featured in the August 2011 issue of Vogue UK. Following Sophy's simple guide, even a total nail art novice like me was able to work the catwalk trend.

Step One
File and buff your nails to get an even surface then paint with an opaque white. Not wanting to duplicate colours in my ever growing nail varnish collection, I used a Boots' 17 pearly white picked up a few years back for the base and a 17 black in nightshade.

If you need to stock up, I have heard good things about the Topshop paints themselves too: their Cloak & dagger and White lie paints are great for only £5 each.

Step Two
Once the white coat is dry, Sophy suggests using the black to create different sized blobs on your nails to make the pattern seem more authentic. I went for a sparser pattern than seen on the models at LFW, alternating between using the tip and side of the brush to create different size and shape splodges.

Step Three
When dry, paint over the pattern with a quick-dry top coat - according to the Vogue feature, Sophy's failsafe clear varnish is Seche Vite.

And there you go! Cute canine nails to compliment your AW11 wardrobe.

Want to relive the AW11 show? Watch this lovely little video from the Topshop team, featuring interviews with the Unique collection's creators.

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