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Designer Q&A: Hayley Trezise

So Wales may not be up there with the likes of Milan and Paris as a fashion destination but that doesn't mean the area is completely devoid of innovative and quirky designers.

Welsh designer Hayley Trezise uses recycled materials to make one-off quirky couture pieces for her label Raggedy Rags. A leading eco and ethical designer, Hayley appeared at London Alternative Fashion Week 2009/10 and Fashion Showcase Wales 2010

Chic & Cheerful met Hayley to talk inspirations and ethical fashion.

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Chic & Cheerful: How would you describe your style?
Hayley Trezise: Unique, quirky and sticks out from the crowd. It’s designed for people who like to dress differently and don’t want to be wearing the same as every one else on the street! Each item is one-off and, as a designer, I don’t follow high street fashion.

C&C: Where do you get your inspirations from?
HT: I live in Rural Wales surrounded by nature, living a low carbon life (as much as possible). I’m passionate about dressing differently: ethical fashion is the way forward and need never be conforming.
I am inspired by sculptural shapes and textures in nature and in the existing garments that I work with. The history of each garment I cut up I find fascinating: my input is another chapter in their lives. I’d like to think that when my clothes are worn to death they will be reincarnated on and on.

C&C: How did you get involved with ethical and recycled fashion?
HT: I started reconstructing my wardrobe from a teenager with basic stitches and safety pins and have always adapted clothes to my taste. With my belief and passion for ethics and the environment; for making sculpture and looking different, I decided to combine all these elements and create ethical quirky couture – a perfect match in my eyes!

C&C: How do you source the materials for the Raggedy Rags creations?
HT: My clothes are up-cycled using old and vintage clothes. I mainly source my materials from charity shops – so a percent of my work always goes to charity. Sometimes I visit antique fairs or get donated bags. When I make commissions, I get sent a few items from the client’s wardrobe and I recreate them into a reborn Raggedy item.

C&C: Why do you think recycled fashion has become so popular in the last few years?
HT: People are realising many things about high street fashion. Cheap throw away clothes are made unethically in sweat shops and then shipped miles – giving them massive carbon footprints. There are tons upon tons of clothes thrown into landfills every year. When they decompose they create nasty chemicals which are bad for our environment, not to mention ourselves. I guess people are just realising the importance of shopping locally and ethically because it quite blatantly helps all people involved.

Raggedy Rags stockists
Her Dandy Wolf, 32 Eastgate, Aberystwyth SY23 2AR. Tel.: 01970 625900
Lunacy Boutique, 4-6 High Street Arcade, Cardiff CF10 1BB. Tel.: 029 2023 1500

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