Thursday, 3 February 2011

The Satorialist in 7 minutes

Today, via a series of re-tweets, I was pointed towards this lovely video from Intel's visual life campaign. The campaign is made up of documentaries following some of the world's most influential bloggers who live visual lives.

In this particular video we get a seven minute snapshot of the life of Scott Schuman a.k.a. The Satorialist. Lovely.
Click through to watch the video...

Adam Westbrook has written a really nice post analysing the beauty of the film here.

On the Street...via Lodovico Settala, Milan 01/02/2011 
Why I love The Satorialist.

Scott Schuman's photographs, to me, are the epitomy of what fashion means. His work is not limited to the select few people and items that high fashion magazines deem to be worthy. Fashion is what you see on the street every day. Fashion is the expression of our personality through the materials we wear. Fashion makes our lives a little brighter. Fashion is spontaneous and yet meticulous. And, in my humble opinion, Scott's beautiful photography encompasses all of these truths.

On the Street...Outside Old England, Paris

All images (c) The Satorialist.

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