Monday, 7 February 2011

New website delves into the closets of style makers

A new website has launched allowing fashion lovers an insight into the wardrobes of worldwide style makers - one item at a time.

Following an extensive legal battle, newly named The Coveteur "takes you inside the closets of internationally influential cultural forecasters, showing us what culminates in their personal style" - according to their website. Founded by Erin Kleinberg and Stephanie Mark, The Coveteur gives an insight into the influences of the modern fashion industry.

The addictively intricate photography is shot by Jake Rosenberg and accompanied by quotes from the subject.

The fashion universe

Since starting my postgraduate journalism course, I have heard countless people say that they key to a successful career in magazines is to immerse yourself completely in the world you write about. 

For your audience to want to read your material, you have to live in their world. And, although under the fashion umberella, you can clearly see the area which makes individual style makers tick. It is easy to see that Mary Kate Steinmiller, for example, is a member of Teen Vogue's fashion department. Her world of charm necklaces, bright colours and woven friendship bracelets express a youthful light.

A selection of images from Mary Kate Steinmiller's closet
(c) The Coveteur
The verdict

As a confessed fashion magazine-aholic, I find the The Coveteur to be a brilliant insight into the world I want to reside in. Brilliant, simple, unique.

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