Friday, 21 October 2016

How to get a Lush black bath bomb cocktail

I'm more of a shower girl than a bath-taker so bath bombs aren't normally at the top of my beauty wishlist. That said, if there's a suitably sniffable treat from Lush on offer, you won't find me saying no.

In the last few weeks I've been lucky to attend a VIP event and a bloggers' night at Lush in Swansea. The girls there are so much fun to be around, and always have tons of hints and tips on offer. This time round it was all about bath cocktails.

Brewing up a black cocktail...
So if you don't know, serious Lush lovers are all about trying new products, mixing scents and colours, and getting some creativity into bathtime. This means dropping bombs and melts in together, crumbling up bubble bars, adding sparkles...basically whatever you want to create the best bath.

Black bath bombs have been seriously trending the last few months, though Lush don't currently stock one of their own. But rather than leave us wanting, one of the in-store teams has come up with a cocktail that creates an aromatic, sparkly, and most importantly black as the night bath.

The lighting's not great but the black sparkly goodness is all there!
The lovely Ellie at Swansea Lush shared this brilliant little recipe from one of the other stores, and let me tell you it not only looks incredible but smells amazing too. All you have to do is combine one Lord of Misrule bomb with a sparkly pumkin bar and let them bubble up into something that looks like the night sky. It'll not only satisfy your inner emo but smells like a glass of mulled wine too - just what we need now autumn is here!

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Returning to an old friend

It's been nearly a year since I posted here. I'm not sure why it's taken me so long - I've had ideas, drafts, and have jotted down plenty of other blog notes, but the impetus to hit publish just never came.

As you would probably expect, things have changed a heck of a lot in he last 12 months: I've got a fantastic new job, have bought a house of my very own and, last but definitely not least, have become engaged to my best friend and love of my life.

So I think it's safe to say I've been a little bit busy.

A photo posted by Ruth Dawson (@chicandcheerful) on

But I miss this little space. Over the years it's been a source of new friends and adventures and I hope that you'll join me again as I pick my virtual pen back up and start scribbling again.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Karma Kream reviewed: how one product has made me a Lush convert for life

Karma Kream, £13.95 for 225g or £6.95 for 100g
I'm not really sure why but I've never been much of a Lush person. I mean, haha, I certainly am a *lush* person (bit of bad Welsh humour for you there) but I have kind of passed the beauty brand by until now.

I think most people who aren't attracted solely by the company's awesome ethics latch on to Lush in their teenage years, or turn to it to help solve a specific beauty problem. We didn't have one in my hometown until I was a very poor student so Lush just didn't really catch my eye - until now.

Last month the Swansea branch invited me to their Christmas event (more on that to come!) and after browsing through all the beautiful bath bombs, soaps and other scrummy things on display, I decided to get myself a little treat.

I've recently started swapping perfume everyday for beautifully scented moisturisers instead so picking up a new body butter was a given. Completely out of my comfort zone I went for a pot of the Karma scented hand and body. It's a beautiful lotion, don't get me wrong, but I usually go for really light, barely-there scents. Karma on the other hand is fragranced with orange, patchouli and pine; it's heavy and almost like incense on the first sniff but then the lovely citrus tones come through, along with the fresh forest lilt.

You can really see why this has been one of Lush's long standing products, it's full of the heat of summer nights and the warmth of cosy winters. If you fancy a bewitching new product to perk up your November, I highly recommend a little tub of Karma Kream.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Harry Potter and the illustrated edition (or one grown woman's fangirl confession)

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, illustrated edition, £15, Amazon
They say don't judge a book by its cover but with some it's really hard not to.

I am one of the fortunate ones who was growing up when Harry Potter hit the shelves. The world of muggles and wizards entered my life when I was 10 years old and to say it completely and utterly absorbed me is an understatement. I am a total fangirl - I mean, I don't have a shrine or anything, but HP completely utterly rocks my socks.

This purchase was a total no brainer for me. When the first editions of each Harry Potter instalment came out, I pre-ordered them through Amazon, to make *absolutely* sure they were there for my reading marathon on the very first day I could get my hands on them.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, illustrated edition, £15, Amazon
So back when this gorgeous illustrated edition was first listed, I did the same. To tween-age me's horror, however, I completely forgot I had done so until this parcel arrived at my door on the day it was released. But what a treat it turned out to be.

For me, Harry Potter will never really be Daniel Radcliffe's movie adventures, I'm a total true to text girl, inspired by Hermione's ballsy attitude and frizzy hair, following her, lanky Ron and the chosen one on their Hogwarts adventures. It's not often you can say that an illustration is just as you imagined but for me these drawings are pretty darn close.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

13 subtle ways to add a little bit of spookiness to your style this Halloween

Halloween is one of my absolute favourite times of year. If I could spend the whole month sipping bewitching brews in a bat-covered jumper I would be in absolute heaven.

Thing is, over the age of 12 it gets a little tricky to keep rocking the old witch hat every day. I would love to be wearing my glow in the dark skeleton tee and bat leggings all day, but when you have work to do, it gets a little hard to be taken seriously.

Enter these spooky pieces. I've put together 13 of the best, clothes and accessories with some subtle hints of Halloween to keep us busy girls going until the darkness descends!

1. Halloween mummy pyjamas, £16.50, ASOS
3. Girls bite raglan top, £25, Topshop
6. Halloween short briefs, £2.50, George at Asda
7. Halloween cobweb slippers, £25, ASOS Legacy
8. Glitter bat brooch, £5, Duck & Duffel at Not On The High Street
10. Dracula Halloween ankle socks, £3.50, Topshop
12. Sterling silver little ghost ear studs, £10, Attic at Not On The High Street
13. Witches hat charm necklace, £9.99, Oh So Cherised at Not On The High Street

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Summer sales flashback part 1: shoes and accessories

At the start of the summer I decided that I was going to collate all my sales buys into two posts - one on shoes and accessories and another on clothes. I figured I'd probably have it all done by the start of August and could share all my bargains with you.

Big mistake. Turns out shops don't go into sale the same time any more, so my end of season shopping stretched over about seven weeks, culminating in the middle of September when the first hints of tartan began to come into the shops. So excuse me while I run through this a lot quicker than I would have liked to, but hopefully you will get a good idea of what little gems sales can hold.

Black bag, £20 down from £4, Topshop
Gold bag, £19 down from £60, French Connection on ASOS
First up is a nice easy one: handbags. For a long time I have been coveting a really nice Michael Kors style shopper tote bag, so the black faux leather purchase from Topshop was a real no-brainer. It's really simple, soft and can carry all the junk I love to cart around with me every day!

The gold French connection messenger bag on the other hand is completely the opposite: small, structured, with lots of pockets for only the essentials. I originally bought it to go with a wedding outfit but it also became a nice little accessory for summer evenings out.

Shoe boots, £15 down from around £40, H&M
&Other Stories grey speckle heels, £7 down from £79, TK Maxx
White flats, £12 down from £28, Topshop
Black and pink sandles, £15 down from £28, Topshop.
Ahh the shoes. I never really classed myself as a shoe person, but I do seem to own quite a few pairs - and have definitely added to that this summer.

The shoe boots on the right were such a great purchase decision from H&M. They were down to £15 from about £40 and are just perfect for wearing with a nice top and jeans. Same goes for the &Other Stories speckle heels too - although these were an even better bargain at £7 instead of the original £80 in TK Maxx!

The other two pairs are both Topshop that I picked up on different lunch breaks while browsing through the racks. I am absolutely in love with the white shoes, they are so chic and have worked well into autumn too. The sandles on the other hand are not something I would ever usually go for but something about them screamed buy me (in hindsight it was probably the big 'reduced' sticker). They're a little clumpy compared to what I usually wear but have been great paired with cigarette trousers for work.

Tassel bracelet, £2, Topshop
Semi-precious pink stone dangly earrings, £2 instead of £7.50
Topshop Flame cuff earrings, £3, Accessorize
Three stone bangles, £4, Accessorize
Hoop earrings, £1, Outfit
Sterling silver midi ring, £5, Accessorize
Half moon semi precious stone necklace, price unknown, Topshop
Sterling silver curved bar necklace, £6 Accessorize
I'm going to run through the final few things so this post doesn't end up being a mile long but I think you can really see my changing style just from the jewellery I've picked up this summer. It started off with more plain, classically stylish pieces and went a bit more ornate as the weather got warmer. I'm not a huge one for colour (as you can see everything has been black/white, gold or silver) and I tend to opt for more delicate pieces too.

My absolutely faves so far as jewellery is concerned are the detailed midi ring and the tasselled bangle, both very different but each have quickly become a regular wear for me.

So, what do you think? Let me know how you rate my sale buys in the comments or use one of the social links below to get in touch! 

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Primark perfume review: Can £6 Flora Exotica compete with designer brands?

Flora Exotica eau de toilette, £6, Primark
Judging by the monsoon-like downpours I drove home through last night, I think it's safe to say summer has come to an end - no matter how hard we try to deny it.

All the shops seem to be full of chunky knits and autumn colours but that doesn't mean we have to give up on sunny days entirely though, right?

When it comes to the beauty section at Primark, I can't say I've ventured further than make up sponges (so cheap, so good!) and nail polish before but something about this perfume caught my eye. I was running low on my Marc Jacobs anyway so figured I'd give it a sniff.

Both Next and M&S do amazing scents for half the price of designer brands so I'm no stranger to High Street perfumes - but with a £6 price tag could Primark really compete?

Well, the short answer is yes - with a catch. I smelt about three or four in the shop and Flora Exotica was the only one that didn't just ring of cheap body spray to my delicate nostrils. That being said, this tropical treat is superb.

The best way I can describe it without you actually smelling it is this: you know the smell of Hollister? That overpowering whiff you totally hate but kind of love all at once? Well it's like that, except with a grown up undertone to it. Below all that tropical freshness is this lovely deep sandalwood scent that reminds me of bonfires on the beach and walks around bustling foreign marketplaces on baking hot days.

Sure this may be a summer scent but for these last days before autumn properly hits us, it is absolutely perfect to keep that heat sizzling. It's quite strong and lasts all day (or night!) and hasn't disagreed with my sensitive skin once.

Overall I would highly recommend this tropical delight to perk up your September days.
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